Friday, December 21, 2007

Biting Them in The Blindcheeks

Why does it seem that every time the Bush Administration's attempted to defend its aberrant policies, it ends up violating national security?

But I guess this is all okay, since it's patriotic administration officials doing this, and not dirty hippy commies with far left leanings (The main sign of which is opposition to the Bush administration, rather than any demonstrated political bias in that direction.)

You know you've really screwed up...

...When you've got the Terminator as an enemy.

I mean, how good can your environmental plan be if it's being opposed by a machine from a future where everything's been nuked anyways?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well, that just takes the... Fruitcake. Ugh.

I don't know what staffer advised Rudy Giuliani to do this ridiculous ad, but whatever he's paying him, he should double it, and make him his campaign manager.


Because the crashing and burning of Rudy Giuliani Campaign has yet to have entertained me, or a million other Democrats and Independents quite enough yet. If you're going to go out, go out with style!

What? It’ll be a really nice fruit cake with a big red bow on it!

-Rudolph Giuliani, perhaps to be inducted into the hall of fame of
campaign destroying quotes, right alongside "Yeargh!".

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lindsey Graham? Collect call from the Memory Hole.

Yes, I'll hold.

Oh, yes. He said that you said that if there wasn't progress on provincial elections, reversing De-Baathification, and spreading the wealth on oil revenues, then it was very likely Iraq would become a failed state.

Yes, you said that. He said you even asked a rhetorical question about whether it would be worth keeping soldiers there if such progress weren't made.




Darn it.

Another Brick in The Wall, or Up Against the Wall?

One has to wonder whether Jonah Goldberg had a very happy elementary school experience.

We don't need no education...
We don't need no thought control...
Teacher, leave those kids alone!

(apologies to Pink Floyd)

Cradle to grave indoctrination from the right, that's the only way!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

What does a Broken Army Mean?

Push soldier far enough, put them in bad enough positions, and things like this happen.

I think many hawks nowadays have a poor appreciation for the human needs of war, and it's a good way to lose more wars. You can't simply grind your army into the dust and not have the above or worse happen.

I Just Somehow Knew...

When CNN's Political Ticker posted this article with the headline "Ticker: Dem V.P. nominee backs GOP hopeful", I had a very strong, sneaking suspicion who it was before I clicked through. What do you know? I was right!