Sunday, February 15, 2009

Room to Manuever...

What I think Kos misses here is that we had to get folks on our side first.

Let me put it this way: If the Republicans had gone along, we would have won, created a governing majority, and healed the wounds of division. All good for us. Well, the Republicans weren't game. They banded together, as a party and essentially proved to everybody who wasn't a Republican how recalcitrant they were.

Look at your own poll results: nobody's getting fooled here by the Republican's rhetoric but the Republicans. In the meantime, to keep this charade up, they'll have to pressure themselves into ever-escalating triumphs of obstruction and partisanship, which will likely go over as well with the voters as they did the last two times. And of course, as many of the quotes out there are saying, the Obama administration's not going to be so gentle with them this time around. They wanted a war? Unfortunately, perhaps, now they have one. And with Barack Obama, of all people. Why do they want to pick a fight with a guy who beat the Clintons and beat McCain?

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