Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's not dead. It's Pining. Pining, for the FJORDS!

Oh, how horrible. Another excuse for these folks to say that they never had a truly conservative set of leaders.

I'm not going to count conservatism out just yet. But I can't say I look at the morale boost these folks are looking for as the most constructive element of a recovery. It was the inability to admit defeat, or at least the lack of success, that led Republicans to this point.

When are they going to reconsider things? When will they see that you can clothe old principles in new policies, and that a failure to do so will only guarantee further removes from public opinion.

Republicans must realize that the strength of their own beliefs is not enough. They must convince other people of what they believe, and the way they're going about things, they're confirming the worse views of their party.

But with their tactics, they're only reminding people what stubborn, uncompromising, obnoxious political figures they are. The Republicans need humble statesmen, need people that encourage the party as a whole to make peace with the rest of the country. The Republicans neither do themselves nor the country a favor by heightening the volume and the anger of their politics. They failed to maintain the trust of the American people, failed to create the conditions to justify their ideology with results.

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Anonymous said...

My guess is that it will take the Republicans roughly the same amount of time that it took the Democrats to recover and refocus after they spent way too much time in power and lost their focus. If memory serves, thier time in the wilderness was about 10 years between 1982 & 1992 until the DLC returned some focus to the party.