Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not what I was looking for

But funny anyways. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

H.R. 875 Food and Safety Modernization act of 2009. Please it's worth checking into it, discuss it with your politcal friends, and blog it. The way I understand it, Is when they vote Dec 21 on the house bill. It will determine the course of the future and it includes an estimation of 3 billion?! people dieing. 1 bil by starvation and 2 billion by malnutrition. This is the projection. But that does not have to be the course of direction but that is the direction they are suggesting we go (codex). And by this bill passing means UN and America acknowledge that they are expecting that amount of people will be expected to die. These people would not need to die if people could conduct food inspection rather every food product irradiated in export/import customs and free to regulate there personal nutritional intake, among many other items.