Monday, February 15, 2010

The better question than this...

Is Bayh this much of a moron?

Yes, spring a surprise retirement on the Democrats, reducing their margin, complaining about bipartisanship that the Republicans are willfully refusing to participate in, and then turn around and try to run for President.

Senator Bayh? When did your brain become sufficiently damaged that you thought pulling a Palin would be good for your career?


Net the Truth Online said...

Stephen Daugherty. I came across your site from the link at

I happened to view a televised program Thurs. Feb. 18, 2010, Pittsburgh Now wherein Joel Hirschhorn was interviewed by phone about his book Delusional Democracy and his support for an Article V Convention.

I caught some but not all of his comments, he seemed to focus on independents and third-party voters. At one point he said elections and voting in new people from the same two parties was not the answer, a second Constitutional Convention is the answer to an array of problems...

I attempted to call in to set the record straight on some matters, but the segment was nearly up and the author was given the remaining time to respond to my one challenging comment.

I began some research and found the watchblog site and yours.

I find you are a more than adequate debater on the dangers of a second Constitutional Convention.

I doubt Phyllis Schlafly

or constitutionalists at the John Birch Society will be guesting on Moore's program anytime soon.

I have no idea who you are, but just from the quick reading of the watchblog site, I would encourage you to contact the Pittsburgh Now host Chris Moore to gain equal time for your positions and points concerning Hirschhorn's Article V Convention proposals.

WPXI Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Chris Moore

Moore also hosts On Q

Chris Moore Program

don't know if this is an available phone number but I believe this is the same Chris Moore

good luck and best wishes

Net the Truth Online

Net the Truth Online said...

Ah well, I didn't catch the middle of the comment #291365 before now, but still, nonetheless, maybe there is room to convince you of the dangers of a second convention, delegates cannot be limited in the convention, replace the Constitution with something else, something that doesn't require as tedious a process as an Article V Convention for states or even "the people" to propose amendments or iniatives... and so forth. That's why it's so important all past convention calls aren't in the mix and that the magic number of 34 is not reached.

Still recommend you contact Chris Moore.

Net the Truth Online

Stephen Daughterty clip

# 291365 My interpretation keeps the call and the will of its state clear and present, and together as one. If it’s a convention that thirty-four states want, its one they shall have. I don’t oppose that. I merely oppose an interpretation that muddles the water and does violence to the intention of the thresholds and the consensus requirements they reflect....