Saturday, September 24, 2011

If Using a Teleprompter to make a speech makes you stupid...

...what does using a teleprompter to make a joke about somebody relying on one make you?

It's a bit of a dogwhistle, you know, and a way to handwave the fact that when Obama gives a speech from a teleprompter, he leaves twerps like him in the dust.

The Republicans are jealous because they spent the last eight years before Obama supporting a man who was bad on a teleprompter, and worse off of it.  Bush can't be worse than Obama, in their world, so Obama has to be brought down, his strength attacked.

The stupidest part of this is that the best way to handle this is to get somebody who's a good speaker and let them loose.  Unfortunately, too many of those can think for themselves, and the folks who run the show in the GOP want to keep things running the way they've been running it.

Thus, idiots on teleprompters making teleprompter jokes at Obama's expense.  Real Republicans should be ashamed that their party has sunk so low as to make such transparently dumb jokes.

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