Friday, December 14, 2007

Harry Reid: when you're finished shooting yourself in the foot, I'd like to talk to you.

It's stuff like this which amazes me. I mean, really. Of all the wasted opportunities. Americans have no problem believing that Democrats are more like them in their values, better at protecting them, better in so many other ways than their rivals. Yet you and the rest of the Senate Democrats have them so frustrated that they feel the need for a third party.

It's pathetic. You're making us look bad. I mean, why are we giving the telecommunication companies immunity? Their people should have seen this coming. are we doing this because Bush will accuse us of being terrorist sympathizers? Take a nice long walk outside the swamp-gas saturated air of Washington, and you will find that most people are scared, not grateful for what our friends in the Maisson Blanche have been doing.

Let me tell you what you're doing: you're wasting valuable credibility, not to mention the opportunity to stand up to Bush when it really matters. Of course we'll be far less cautious when and if a Democratic party president is elected. But that won't tell people the depth of our committment to fight for them. What if another Republican is elected President, unlikely as that may be? What if we find ourselves dealing with another Oval Office tyrant?

I know you might want to be civil, not to make waves, not to offend people, but that only works if the other side is cooperating. These people are not. They are actively trying to stifle your agenda, and you are letting them do this. What will people think when they see this? That we're so gracious and bi-partisan? Or are they going to think what the hell are these people good for? At this point in time, our most valuable role as the majority is to be the antidote to the political poison that the former majority power has become.

We no longer have to go along to get along. We no longer have to tolerate their agenda of obstruction of anything and everything liberal. We have every right and every mandate now to change the equation of power, to quit letting victories flow in their direction. It's time for them to learn the true meaning of obstruction. They can filibuster us (or threaten it seems, since you don't hold them to such idle promises), but we can absolutely take anything everything they want an bring it to a screeching halt. We'll see how long they maintain their taste for such tactics when we put that flavor in their oatmeal for a change.

So far, the verdict for your Senate, and as a result this congress will be that you are a bunch of wimps who could back down the most unpopular president of modern times, or break the losing party on its way to losing more seats in that chamber. I could understand the brief lingering of timidity from the days of Republican Majority, but this is just convincing people that your folks are congenitally lacking in spine, and that is just going to get your butts into trouble in upcoming elections. If you really want to consolidate your power, don't be afraid to use it. If you want the Republicans to be able to show your party to be weak and ineffectual, you're doing a good job.

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