Friday, December 14, 2007

The Telepresent Tribune: Why I'm starting it.

I've already got a political blog, Watchblog, and are a member (newly minted) of Daily Kos and another blog of my own, The Telepresent Texan. Hell, I even have an online novel going (or will get going once I get back on track)

The trick though, I'd rather keep the last blog pure of this stuff, and the other two blogs, though I get my stuff out through them, only allow me so many posts in a day. I'd like a bit more freedom to respond to events in real time, so I've decided to collect and distribute news, information, and opinion (both I promise will be clearly labelled for what they are) in this new blog. I've always admired other bloggers like Josh Marshall and Kevin Drum, who are absolute newshounds, so I guess this is my way of giving them the sincerest form of flattery for having kept folks like me informed about things. I hope I do this right.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am a Democrat, and I am a Liberal. And yes, a Progressive, a member of the Left (though not the Far Left, I'd think.) However, I do invite any and all to read this blog. Those who don't like what I have to say can at least keep themselves informed of what people like me know and really believe. Hopefully, I'll also challenge some of you who would call me a fellow Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, etc. Lord knows we need a shake up.

With all that explained, The Telepresent Tribune begins publication.

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